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The Business Angels are one of the keys of our economy with the Family Office and Venture Capital, we wouldn’t have the “unicorns” without them.
Startups for your fundraising, you’ve come to the right place.


The difficulty of raising funds in “Seed” or “Earlystage” is a crucial moment in a project. We give you the means, tools and contacts to achieve this


In search of investment opportunities, expanding your investor network, selling your Startups interests, we offer you these opportunities, but not only



Liste of investors We offer several hundred investors (FO, VC and Corporates). We have chosen to select only Funds during this health crisis, Business Angels are individuals with more limits to invest in times of crisis (health and economic). You will have the name of the Funds, the activity, the amounts of the investments, the […]

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You are watched, mostly when decisions are tough. Posted on June 14, 2018 by Dave Berkus If you have been in management or an entrepreneur long enough, you will have experienced the gray area of decision-making where ethics, the law, your needs and expediency all collide.  This is the time when you are paid the big bucks, and […]

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In order to succeed in the future, we must know history so as not to repeat mistakes. We have extracted an article on the 5 main reasons for the failure of Startups, (Based on the analysis of 300 Startups) Original article by Chris Corbishley Getting to Series A: The odds and how we help founders […]

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